Wide Bay Computer Services


Wide Bay Computer Services was started in Hervey Bay in March, 2008.

Ian Doyle has been involved with computers since 1982, when the hard drive size was 10 megabytes (not gigabytes!!) and memory was a whopping 640 kilobytes, and the average price per system was over $8000. This was in an era when IBM stated that Bill Gates was wrong when he said there would be a computer on every work desk within 20 years (LOL).

After working for various computer companies and starting a small computer business down South in 2004, Ian moved to Hervey Bay in 2007 to look after his mother. He worked at a local computer store before starting his own business in March 2008.

Servicing small business and private clients, an emphasis is placed on speedy repair work, as well as making sure the computer is easy to use for all levels. Wide Bay Computer Services offers free pick up in the Bay, and on-site services as well as remote access servicing. In addition to this, setting up ethernet and wireless network connections is a speciality. We also set up internet-enabled televisions and offer data back-up services.